The Compelling Email Subject Line

Catch more Clicks with Catchy Subject Lines. If your emails aren’t getting opened, they’re not getting seen. What is your purpose for sending this email? Your Call-to-Action (CTA) needs clicks. Without clicks, nobody joins your email list, and nobody buys from you. Your unopened email cannot generate revenue. Your unopened email cannot build your reputation.

First, identify the purpose of your email. How does the subject line relate to your purpose? A good subject line persuades your recipient to open and read this email. Once opened, the reader has immediate expectations for what she reads there. The subject line, although brief, ought to be a compelling introduction to the story you tell inside.

What is your CTA? What will make the recipient open your email? Tempting them with something free, a discount, important information, should make them want to know the details. Once you know your CTA, and you have fleshed out much of the email body, several potential subject lines will come to mind.

Brainstorm multiple subject lines. As the email body comes closer to completion, after the CTA is crystal clear, draft several subject lines. Don’t be afraid of goofy or too serious subject lines. Brainstorming is often most effective when you don’t hold back. Give yourself at least three possible lines, preferably five to seven.

Compare your subject lines to effective lines found online. Can you get feedback from associates? Different perspectives and other opinions often move me to better results.

Of course, A/B testing subject lines will demonstrate which is more effective. Split testing before the actual large campaign may be difficult when you’re starting out. As your email campaigns mature, testing will benefit you more and more.

Don’t forget: You get one chance to make a first impression. When your recipient receives email, the subject line is what they know about its content; that, and you’re the sender. Your important message is inside, and your recipient has plenty of unread messages in their Inbox. Which will they open first? Which will remain unopened?

How will they decide? Name recognition will often win out; but, at first, with new list members, that is difficult. Curiosity persuades: Why do they want to know what’s inside? Urgency and compelling offers can be effective, when the timing is right. Tell them what’s inside. Don’t make false promises.

Most people want to feel special, and they’re on your list because you did that once. with the right subject line, you will continue to satisfy them!

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